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FunnelPoint™ for Hospital marketing

What is funnelpoint™?

FunnelPoint™ is The Social Television Network's proprietary video algorithm that deploys a diverse library of story-telling healthcare videos. This system distributes content by matching specific videos with the stage a potential patient is at in their decision-making process.

  • Step 1: Schedule a strategy call

  • Step 2: We'll help you determine the programs, facilities, or conditions you wish to highlight

  • Step 3: We'll organize and schedule a pre-production meeting to plan segments and messaging

  • Step 4: Schedule shoot dates 

Schedule Your Strategy Call Today
All inclusive bundled services:

All FunnelPoint™ marketing programs here at The Social Television Network include video production, campaign creation and management, and social media ad buys.

Most of our packages are 12-month programs that include 6 videos per service line (3 News Segments, 1 Program Overview Video, 2 Testimonials)


Packages are customized and priced upon level of production and desired reach. All FunnelPoint™ programs include audience building and re-marketing.

FunnelPoint is a great way to achieve outstanding return on investment all while promoting your doctors, facilities, and programs through story-telling videos.  

It's easy to get started and most of the actual video content and news segments can be filmed in 1-2 days.

examples of current funnelpoint™ clients:

We've created an entire example page dedicated to the healthcare providers using FunnelPoint™ to reach potential patients and convert those in the referral stage. You'll be able to see engagement and view numbers in the screenshots as well as click through to the actual videos.


All of those examples can be found by clicking the button below.

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